Who We Are

Purple Seven is an expert in bringing meaning from data in the arts and entertainment industry

Purple Seven was founded in 2002 by Stuart and Lisa Nicolle and it quickly established itself in the theatre industry. Since then Purple Seven has worked with the best in the business understanding consumers and how they engage with the Arts.

In 2013, Edwina Dunn and Clive Humby, the creators of Tesco Clubcard invested in Purple Seven, bringing with them huge expertise in the value of data and how to drive meaning from large and complex data sets.
Edwina and Clive firmly believe that passion for the Arts is a significant driver of engagement and re-engagement, hence looking at individual transactions is useful - but understanding a wider data set of how consumers engage is hugely enlightening.
Purple Seven are therefore bringing their insight understanding from theatreland into other ticketed industries, using additional data sources as appropriate to enrich our data sets. Clive's belief, as one of the world's leading data scientists, is that "big data" is not about volume but about the layering of the datasets - thereby creating "big insights".
And that’s how your organisation can thrive - by focusing relentlessly on finding the right customer for your event and right event for your customer.

Edwina Dunn

Investor / Director

Edwina is an Investor and Director in Purple Seven; CEO of Starcount a global social media measurement business and runs a not-for-profit platform around women's perception that seeks to amplify their voices and self-confidence called the What I See Project.
Previously Edwina, in partnership with husband Clive Humby, was CEO and founder of dunnhumby a global customer science business responsible for establishing Tesco Clubcard, amongst other loyalty schemes globally.
Edwina is also Chair of Your Life, a government backed campaign to increase the study of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; patron of Women of the World and Trustee of the Science Museum Foundation.

Clive Humby

Investor / Director

Clive is an Investor and Director in Purple Seven, in addition Clive is Chief Data Scientist at Starcount, exploring mathematical methods for building insight in social media to understand influence, effectiveness and sentiments of consumer tribes, stars and brands.
Previously Clive was Founder and Director of dunnhumby, pioneering the application of technology to understanding consumer behaviour. Before dunnhumby, Clive was the leader of the technical team that developed the first commercial application of census data to consumer marketing and the development of the ACORN system at CACI.
Clive is also visiting professor in Integrated Marketing at Northwestern University in Evanston,IL. USA and Marketing at Cranfield University, England as well as recently becoming Director on the Board of Friends at the Royal Academy.

Stuart Nicolle

Head of Research & Development

Stuart, in partnership with his wife Lisa, was the founder of Purple Seven in 2002. As the Managing Director, Stuart grew the company to become the leading box office data analytics company in the UK, Australasia and Europe.
His experience working with arts and cultural organisations across the world has given him a deep insight into how they work, their motivations and challenges and the support and solutions they require.
With his creative approach, he was instrumental in developing new techniques to deliver innovative and relevant solutions to the sector. These included the development of the revolutionary ‘DDX’ to automatically collect ticketing data from any ticketing system, powerful segmentation models including 'Balanced Database', personal ‘recommendations’ engines, automated customer survey tools and other award winning software.
Today, Stuart is the R&D Director at Purple Seven and continues to bring his creative approach to delivering innovative and powerful technologies and techniques to the sector.